Monday, May 16, 2016

Information on Wellness Center activities prior to next appointment at BMT clinic in May

BMT Clinic May 20th.  I go to the BMT clinic every 30 days for flushing of my dual chamber port and the next appointment will be next Friday.  The printed schedule that I provided to Shauna Nebeker, manager of Visiting Angels, provider of drivers for My visits to the Wellness Center, showed 2 trips on next Friday; this one to the BMT clinic at 11:00 am and one to the therapy pool at 2:00 pm. so I called Shauna to tell her that Emma will drive me to the BMT clinic, which she prefers to do because she likes to keep up with activities at the BMT clinic. Sometimes on these-one day visits one vial of blood is drawn and I have to wait for the results to be posted and I have to wait and this may happen Friday, but there should be enough time between the 2 appointments.

I am finally getting the hang of riding the Acorn stair climber, even though it is much slower than walking up would be.  Emma wonders if I made a mistake in buying it and I have to remind her that
Dr. Wilson told me that I should move our bed down to the main floor or install a Stair Climber and neither one of us wants to sleep on the first floor again.  I do miss the exercise I get by walking up the stairs.

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