Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Significant (?) changes in cancer recovery program sice last post on December 21.

I had assumed that the Velcade infusions would resume after phase out of Methyl prednisolone was completed, but at the meeting with Dr.Atanackovic on the 22nd we were told that the stoppage is permanent and that I will no longer go the BMT clinic on 4 Mondays out of every 6 Mondays. I will only go  every 3 months with a 24-hour urine collection and will be subjected to blood draws. This makes me wonder if the Velcade is no longer needed why was I given it to begin with.  I was told that it is a Designer Drug designed to kill rapidly growing cells. 

A nurse had put a line in my port and drew 3 vials of blood and asked if she should withdraw the line; I told her no because some times when I have seen the oncologist he has asked to have more blood drawn and he will have his nurse withdraw the line.  Mary Steinbach, the PA I usually see, and a nurse in training came in the exam room to spend some time reviewing meds and condition before the doctor came in and he spent very little time telling me that the markers have been consistently low and only needed to be monitored at 3 month intervals.  He then told us we could leave without saying that we should 1wait for a nurse to see us; so we left with the line still in my port and I had completely forgotten about it  And didn't remember it until that evening when I decided to remove the adhesive patch covering the withdrawal spot and found the line still in place.

I went back to the BMT clinic the next morning where a nurse removed the line, but told me that the wound on my right hand was infected and should be seen by a doctor.  She called and found that I could be seen in the Wellness Center where Dr. Doyle examined my hand and told me that it is not infected; the redness is swelling in the hand and arm that is constricted by a wrap on my right elbow that had been placed by Dr. Kuo when we visited him on the afternoon of the 21st.  My hand had been dripping a clear fluid on the floor while we waited and as soon as the wrap was removed the drip stopped and Dr. Doyle told me no more wraps on the elbow or the hand.  She had her nurse, Bob, gather some gauze pads and tape to protect our bedding from the medicated salve I am to continue using on the wound.

Dr. Doyle had set up other appointments for me and the one with Dr. Wilson resulted in a prescription for home health care which has involved visit from an Occupational therapist and a Physical therapist both of whom have just about matched the allowed number of visits the Medicare will approve.  I am to see Dr. Wilson for a follow-up visit Monday.

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