Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Valeo Home Health Care terminated January 12

I now go to the Wellness Center in the Huntsman Hospital twice a week for rather intensive therapy, but have to pay for it with the exception of the first week, which was covered by Medicare.  One meeting each week is at the Orthopedic Center's therapy pool where the workout is particularly intense.  The instructor is Darren and he tells me that it is his intent to have me walking without my 2-wheel walker or the cane.  I believe that the therapy provided by the 2 therapists from Valeo Home Health Care did me a world of good.  The physical therapist came every other day with changing exercises at least once a week and the Occupational therapist specified that we have grab bars installed in both of our large showers and said that once this was done we could move our bed back upstairs.  We had been sleeping on the bed from Judy's old room since just after Thanksgiving and we were quite anxious to go back to our bedroom where we had a much better bed and closets for our clothes.  She came on January 11 for her last visit and wanted to know why we had not yet moved back upstairs.  We took that as an invitation to move and did so that afternoon.

The visit with Dr. Atanackovic on December 22 was misunderstood by me, which I finally learned by calling his patient coordinator who copied and sent me his notes from the meeting.  He was putting my Myeloma treatment on hold until the reason for my frequent falling was found and corrected.  The peripheral neuropathy in my feet affecting my balance as it does may be a cause of the falls and phasing out the steroid medication along with stopping the Velcade infusions may stop my penchant for falling.  So, I won't be getting any medication for at least 3 months.  I will go to the BMT clinic on January 25 for an infusion of a substitute drug for the Aredia that I have been getting, but will not be making a 24-hour urine collection until further notice.

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