Tuesday, January 26, 2016

First visit yesterday to BMT clinic since December 22

Dr. Atanackovic changed my Myeloma treatment schedule when I saw him last month.  He has put the treatment on hold for an undisclosed reason, but possibly to determine the cause, or causes, of my frequent falls.  I have 2 more 2mg methyl prednisolone pills to take at 4-day intervals and the Velcade infusions have been stopped.  My visit yesterday was to receive an infusion of Zomera as a substitute for Aredia.  I understood that this change meant that I would only be at the clinic for 20 minutes instead of 4 hours.  Camille, my nurse for the day, set me straight on the amount of time we would spend at the clinic.  The appointment was at 2:00 and we weren't ready to leave until almost 4:00 and needed to make a lab appointment in late February to come in and have booth sides of my port flushed.  I won't go in again until March 21 for another infusion of Zomera, Camille told me that the port needs to be flushed at least once every 30 days.

I have a large water-like blister on my right elbow that I showed to Jennifer who then went and got Mary Steinbach, one of the PAs, to come look at it.  I told them that it doesn't hurt and I m not sure how long I have had it, but it was present when we went to see Dr. Kuo early last month.  He identified it as a bursa and wrapped it so tightly that the entire lower arm and hand swelled up so much that they seemed to be infected.  Mary and Jennifer advised me to see a doctor about possibly draining it.  I have zn appointment with our dermatologist in March and may wait until I see him.

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  1. good to hear from you, but in your Christmas card you spoke of moving. What happened to that plan? Sounded like good sense to me.
    How are you handling this snow...like old times. Glad that I don't have to deal with it anymore. I pulled out some pictures from the old house of the piles out on the street, and the ice shelf in the driveway, and winced. It isolated me, and wore me down. Don't miss that at all.
    How is Emma doing, and what's new with the "girls". I seldom talk to John as he had too many "irons in the fire", but Craig and Randy sold their house in FL and are moving to AZ. The humidity got to them. Ivy's eye dr. said that she should prepare for being blind, as the drugs aren't working and her eyesight continues to fail. She has picked out some senior living in St. George that she likes, as it's harder to live alone. Spending a lot of money on hired help and transport. Carl is still looking for senior housing that he likes...but he won't move. As you know, we have too much junk.
    Take care of yourselves......Love, Peggy