Monday, March 21, 2016

Short visit for labs only today

We left early; as we usually do when Emma drives and as a result we finished at 10:30, so we went down to the Wellness Center where we had an appointment at 1:00PM hoping that they could work us in early.  Linda went to their gym to learn whether this was feasible and came back to ask whether we could wait 10 minutes and of course we could so I asked her to schedule visits through the month of April so I now have appointments scheduled on Tuesdays for the Wellness Center and Fridays for the Therapy pool in the Orthopedic Center.  These visit are more to my liking with more favorable times, which will please the Visiting Angels drivers.

The visit at the BMT clinic only entailed a blood draw and delivery of a 24-hour urine collection, which seems to always be requested on a Sunday when Nancy's family has scheduled a family dinner.  The gathering yesterday was a belated birthday celebration for Laura who was actually born on March 4 25 years ago.  We had prepared a monetary gift for her actual birthday so didn't feel obligated to take another gift yesterday.  Before leaving the clinic I asked the receptionist to schedule 2 appointments at one month intervals to have my port flushed, and after waiting some time for her to finish a phone call I was told that my Patient Coordinator will make those appointment and then call me with the schedules.  I could see Emma waiting quite impatiently, in the waiting hallway.

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